3D and Virtual Learning

Our drive for innovation is evident in our work for the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM). We are using 3D development to create virtual environments to enhance the education and training experience for tomorrow’s soldiers.

Understanding the changing priorities, operational environments and budget constraints for our armed forces, the need for innovative education and training is necessary for today’s U.S. Army. A smaller and leaner military requires an optimized level of readiness. Cost effectiveness, agility, flexibility, and adaptability are required to sustain this new training model.

New and emerging technology is required to create effective, efficient and sustainable “learner-centric” training to implement challenging and realistic scenarios. Compared to traditional classroom and field instruction, digital technologies provide a relevant and consistent training experience, may be conducted any time and anywhere, and have been proven to enhance overall retention. Training may be carried into nontraditional settings using multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Summit is equipped to support these new learning initiatives that include:

  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Distributed Learning
  • Interactive Training Technologies
  • Mobile Learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Virtual Learning

CASCOM is known as the Army’s Sustainment Think Tank. It includes the Technology Integration Branch within the Training Technology Division of CASCOM G3/Training and Doctrine Development (TDD) Directorate. CASCOM is responsible for:

  • Blackboard Learning Content Management System (LCMS) domain administration
  •  Maintenance and training
  • Developing in-house distributed learning, computer and web-based courseware and training products
  • Developing virtual and gaming training simulations within the software and hardware capabilities of the organization

Summit creates 3D models, environments, animations, and educational gaming that may be incorporated into end products for CASCOM.

Summit has developed sample models/environments for:

  • HMETT Vehicle Refueling Interactive Model – used for classroom training and in the field using mobile devices
  •  Ordnance objects such as grenades, explosive ordnance devices, and small rockets
  • Modeling of vehicle and field support supplies, such as trailers, generators, and chemical sensors
  • Modeled Railhead Safety Workshop and Interactive Interface – used to educate on railway operations for proper safety procedures
  •  Modeled Maintenance Readiness Playbook for M1 Tank for web publishing
  •  Field Kitchen – used for classroom training
  • Quartermaster Museum Artifacts from the Civil War, World War II and other historical artifacts, such as the drum purportedly used during John F. Kennedy’s funeral

Summit was honored to have our 3D work presented as part of the Army Training and Education in the Digital Age session at the Annual Meeting of the Association of the United States Army.